Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yarn Words

 Yarn Words 
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Materials used:

  • Wire Coat Hangers
  • Yarn (various colors)
  • Pliers and/or wire snips
Students were encouraged to do any word or name of their choice. We then stretched out the wire hangers straight. Then the most difficult part of the whole project began; bending and forming the wire into letters. Some students had to use pliers to get the wire to bend just how they wanted it. Some needed help on how to form the letters efficiently without wasting wire.

Once the letters were formed, wrapping the wire with a yarn of their choice was the next step. The only seemingly difficult step there was trying to figure out the perfect way to tuck the loose ends in to keep it all from unraveling.

Upon completion they can easily be hung on a wall or nested somewhere on a shelf.

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